Sergey Lev 

Web Project Manager, UX Designer

D.b. 06-08-1985
Citizenship: Bialystok, Poland.

Background: The University of Finance and Management in Bialystok (Poland), 2018. Economic education. Solid experience (more 12 years) in developing internet projects, creating conversion landing pages, web-design and mock-ups prototyping.

Languages: Russian, English, Polish.

Personal skills: Analytical mind, ability to work in multitasking environment.

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Professional skills and experience:

+ Performing projects on different levels, creation of simple and difficult websites. Created more than 150 web projects and websites of various spheres and levels.

+ Understanding clearly of the customer?s needs and goals to create a concrete project according to particular indicated tasks.

+ Work experience with the following companies in Russia (brands):

+ Insight into advertising market and principles of Ads-placement. Large practice at creation of promo-campaigns, Google adwords and web analyzing of projects, CPA methods of work, AB testing and other marketing tools.

+ Experience of employees recruitment, ability to indicate exact tasks to performers, leading motivation and control of the process.

+ Solid background in leading and creation of E-mail cross-sending, making sales texts, headers, calls to action, mini landing pages, simple websites.


Additional education:


My team:

Pavel Ushkov Maxim Vasilkov Aleksei Zukovski Sergey Boldyrev Eugene Kiba
Project Manager Software Engineer Technical Specialist Programmer Programmer







Ivan Kopko Vlad Rybalko Inna Makarevich Lina Koroleva
Programmer Directolog Specialist in
Public Relations










Here you can see the few works of last year: 




Jidkii Asfalt www.жидкийасфальт.рф 








Mariam Doors factory 
The company produce of interior doors in Russia. The Company has several departments and own dealer network in Russia.

Challenge: Create a good looking website, instead of the old. Improve the perception of content for a potential client and partners of company. 




Alliance logistic companies

Transport company for railway and maritime transport of goods to Russia and China. The company has branches in different cities of Russia and China.

Challenge: Create a modern corporate website with mobile version. To improve site's ranking in search engines, to make the Chinese language version, and advertising campaign in Google Adwords.





Cleanig Group company 
The cleaning outsourcing company, services of cleaning areas, window cleaning, cleaning roofs.

Challenge: Developing Landing-Page with a mobile version. Create an advertising campaign for Google Adwords and Yandex Direct adwords.


Landing Page "Vegas building system" 
Services for electrical engineering flats and private houses.

Challenge: Create from scratch Landing Page. Prepare a project for an advertising campaign.


Outsourcing workers for companies

Challenge: Creating a corporate information website for the company, preparation and carrying out of advertising campaigns to attract new customers.



Profilo-Porte - online shop of profile doors.
Online catalog of the collection door Mariam factory.

Challenge: Create the most functional web directory. Where the user can choose the most appropriate model to it using the internal filters, color, and other characteristics of the product selected.



Favorite Kids - Online shop of children's footwear.
The new store selling children's shoes in the western region of Moscow.

Objective: To develop from scratch an online store with a minimal budget. Prepare the site and create a corporate style of the project.





Private travel blog - Crazy Hedgehog.

Objective: To develop a user-friendly web-blog for the traveler to carry out advertising campaigns, using and connecting all the modern technologies of social networking, widgets and options.




Zodiac Restaurant - Karaoke parties and events. www.кафезодиак.рф

Objective: Create a new site, more comfortable and modern for a minimum budget for a restaurant.
Preparing the site for promotion in search engines and social networks.



Billiard club 777

Challenge: Create a new site for the billiards club with a minimum budget. Preparing the site for promotion of social networks and search engines.


Online shop -

Challenge: Create the most functional web directory. Where the user can choose the most appropriate model to it using the internal filters, color, and other characteristics of the product selected.



ZooMini - beauty care and haircuts pets

Challenge: Create from scratch Landing-Page for the beauty salon, installing WordPress CMS, preparation for the advertising campaign on the social networks.




Private Psychological Center Reflection.

Challenge: To prepare the site to promote the search engines Create a simple light of a small website for the company for a minimum budget.


The loan is easy. The microfinance organization. Selling franchises.

Challenge: Preparation and creation of a website for an advertising campaign to find customers.







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